Voice Over IP Phone Systems

Are you tired of using antiquated phones that only allow a certain number of lines to be open at a time? Or tired of messing with big-named phone companies that view you as a number on a paper instead of a real person just trying to get your bills paid? Step across the line to a true Voice over IP phone system!


Solutions Technology Group is now offering Cytracom phone systems. We know they work, because we have them in our own office!

Cytracom offers a VoIP phone system for any number of users. Included in their plan is the D2 phone (that you pay only shipping for!) under the Evolve system, meaning every 36 months they send you a new phone to keep up with the current technologies. These phones include Multi-Purpose Keys that allow for easy transfers, busy lamp fields, speed dials, and more. They can include Wi-Fi or be wall-mounted, powered by a power supply or through your PoE switch. You can even connect a Bluetooth headset to your desk phone.

If this phone doesn’t fit your particular needs for an area, Cytracom also offers portable handsets and conference phones. Or if you need to step out of the office and go to another location, the system can be set to run calls to your desk and mobile phone sequentially or concurrently. There is even a computer application for Windows if you want to receive calls on your PC!

Since these phones are VoIP, that means you are no longer paying for a phone line (or a fax line if you want to use e-fax through Cytracom) and all of your calling goes through your Internet connection instead of a POTs line. That also means that you can unplug your phone from your office desk and take it home and plug it into your network (or connect to Wi-Fi if you have that enabled) and use it at your house on days that you may be working from home.