Network Audio

Network audio systems offer high-quality audio in a digital format and can be used in various applications. Some common uses for network audio include background music, custom marketing announcements, PA systems, alarms for intrusion protection, and more. Network audio is far more advanced and flexible than old analog systems. With a built-in microphone, systems can even detect specific noises and trigger a camera to record the event!

Network Speakers

Whether you need a single cabinet speaker for an office or multiple ceiling-mounted speakers for a store, Solutions Technology can supply or install a complete system with the best Axis network audio speakers for the application. We can also convert certain analog speakers to work on a digital system. 

Want to schedule marketing messages in your store to play at certain times? Want to announce a sale item when a customer approaches that particular area? We can do that too!

PA Systems

Axis and 2N have partnered together to create a SIP microphone that can be directly integrated with their network speakers. The 12-zone configurable mic has its server, so there is no need for additional server hardware.

PA systems can also be incorporated directly into most VoIP phone systems. 

Analog Speaker Conversion

Already have a system full of analog speakers? That’s fine! We can bring them up to par and onto the network using Axis’s Network Audio Bridge or Amplifier.