IP Network Cameras

IP Network Cameras have many uses and can be used for security, surveillance, process monitoring, training, property management, and a whole lot more! IP Cameras can also be configured to work together to provide coordinated video using analytics. Solutions Technology Group understands that a single type of camera won’t catch every angle and won’t fit every application. We offer many different types of cameras that are designed to meet your needs and budgets. Check out some of the camera types that may work for your applications!

Fixed Bullet

From indoor to outdoor applications, you may want a camera that stays focused in a certain direction. Bullet cameras are cost-effective, and most offer IR for viewing in darkness. Some bullets, like the AXIS M2025-LE pictured here, even have over 100 degrees of high definition horizontal viewing! They are easily installed and offer a lot of bang for the buck!

Fixed Dome

Dome cameras like the AXIS P3245-LVE–which is IR-illuminated, vandal-resistant, and outdoor-rated–can be mounted on ceilings, walls, poles, overhangs, or more. While domes typically have shorter visual ranges, they make up for it with their wide horizontal view, making them perfect for being in the corner of a room. Domes give a clean look to the install, and many of them come with attachments like a weather shield to block the sun or recessed mounts for ceiling installations. 


Sometimes the standard-looking fixed cameras are a little too obvious, or they don’t give you the freedom that you need to move a camera around. Modular cameras like the AXIS FA Series allow you to plug multiple cameras into one unit that does all the processing and computing. These modular cameras can even be installed in covert ways so that bystanders won’t know they are there.


Panoramic cameras like the AXIS M3058-PLVE can view 180 or 360 degrees to cover an entire area in a single view. Other cameras like the AXIS P3717-PLE have four 90-degree sensors that can be aimed separately around its circumference to provide up to 360 degrees of viewing without the panoramic “fish-eyed” look!

Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ)

PTZ cameras offer the flexibility of 360 degrees of movement. Whether you need to move the camera around 190 degrees on the fly or you need to zoom in to read a license plate, a PTZ camera like the AXIS P5635-E MK II PTZ allows for these functionalities. Axis PTZ cameras can even be set up to move to different presets positions throughout the day or move to a particular area of interest after another camera’s motion detection has been triggered. The ultimate eye in the sky!