Analytics & Applications

Gunshot / Explosion Detection

When every moment counts, you want to have a way of monitoring sounds like gunshots and explosions. Since every sound has its unique sound wave pattern, we can identify these specific sounds and set up automatic responses.

Motion Detection

Whether you want to trigger a PTZ camera to respond to motion, you want a speaker to announce a “No Trespassing” alarm when someone walks too close to a building, or you only want your cameras to record when something is actually moving in the frame, Motion Detection has a plethora of use cases.

Tailgating Detection

Your building’s security is extremely important. When cameras and access control work together, you can identify when someone walks in behind a valid user without using their own credentials. This can trigger an email alert or a sound notification.

Parking Violation Detection

Placing cameras around a parking lot or street can allow for identification of illegally parked cars and alert the proper authorities.

License Plate Verifier

When cars come into your place of business, you can use cameras to confirm that they are supposed to be there.

Queue Monitoring

Identifying how many people are in a line can notify other employees in the store that they are needed, whether they are on break or in the backroom unloading trucks.

Store Reporter

Using the AXIS Store Reporter application, you can take analytics of your customers and their behaviors in the store. This could allow for predictive ordering and marketing as well as strategic item placement throughout the store.

Store Data Manager

Using all the data from AXIS camera applications and analytics, AXIS Store Data Manager combines all the numerical data from AXIS Occupancy Estimator, AXIS Direction Detector, and more all into one platform.