Managed Services Overview

Managed IT Services is a pro-active program that is put in place to keep your computer systems and networks up and running effectively. Our Managed Service Program is a cost-effective solution that monitors your systems for issues 24/7. When issues are detected, they are either automatically addressed and/or we are notified to take action. With unlimited remote and onsite support and our helpdesk feature, you can rest assured that you have an IT team in your back pocket! Our service plans are designed to fit your needs with simple pricing models for the services listed below. Give us a call or email, and we will schedule a no-obligation site survey of your business or organization.

Antivirus / Anti-malware

Cybersecurity is one of the biggest issues facing companies today. Having an antivirus/anti-malware agent running on your machine allows for continuous malware and virus scanning. It will even search for attempted network attacks and quarantine potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) before the user ever has an issue.

Cloud and Local Backups

Having a disaster recovery plan in place for your computers and important company files can be more than valuable. We offer backup solutions that are based on your needs. STG uses software to automatically do cloud or local backups, allowing for user-friendly choices that meet your requirements. These backups can even be restored to new machines!

Hardware Recommendations and Procurement

Staying up to par with the latest technical specifications and equipment standards is an ongoing process. STG will manage your hardware performance and recommend new hardware if systems become obsolete or not working properly. STG is partnered with some of the best brand hardware providers, allowing us to get good hardware prices when it is time to purchase something new. 

Machine Health Monitoring

Have you ever been to a business meeting with an important client, and your presentation was fumbled because your PC would not cooperate? Even simple issues that slow down your daily operations are more than frustrating. With our machine monitoring agent installed on your machine, we will be notified about system problems earlier instead of later! This allows us to be proactive instead of reactive to your needs.

Network Monitoring

Your network is the backbone of your business. Monitoring traffic on your network is crucial to ensure that no one is trying to steal your company files or to wreak havoc on your systems. A network monitoring agent and firewall will keep your network safe from cyber attacks. Network monitoring also documents who or what is on your network at any given time and measures your network’s overall performance.

Patching and Updates

Some of the biggest security flaws on a network are third-party apps that don’t get updated regularly or machines that don’t run Windows Updates often enough. STG takes that hassle away from the customer and provides most third-party patching and Windows Updates that are needed to keep your computers safe and efficient.

Remote and Onsite Technical Assistance - UNLIMITED!

When you do have issues, we are there for you. Our machine agents securely allow us to quickly offer remote assistance, which can take care of most issues. If remote assistance doesn’t solve the problem, we will be onsite to help! Our technicians are knowledgeable and respectful. We will also make courtesy visits just to say hello!