Specialty Cameras

Every type of camera has its application, and specialized cameras are made to perform for their specific need. Applications from mobile and body-worn cameras to thermal cameras that can detect a fire, you can be assured that there is a camera for that!

AXIS Body Worn Camera System

Body Worn Camera Systems

Whether you need body-worn cameras for law enforcement applications or need a mobile camera for your business, the AXIS W100 can be worn in multiple ways and have open standards to allow for communication with already in-place systems further growth.

Explosion Protected Cameras

Explosion-proof cameras are designed with enclosures that are sealed in such a way as to eliminate sparks from escaping the enclosure. These intrinsically safe cameras are used in classified areas where gases or dust may present a fire hazard. A camera like the D101-A XF P3807 here has a viewing angle of 180 degrees and is one of many available types. Contact us, and we can discuss your specific requirements and assist with product selections.

Onboard cameras

Onboard Cameras

Cameras are now being utilized almost everywhere. These specific cameras are designed to be mounted on school buses, emergency vehicles, trains, or any vehicle.  Onboard cameras are rugged and operate without any concerns of temperature fluctuations or vibrations. They comply with transportation regulations, and video can be recorded locally. Whether you have a fleet of vehicles needing installations or a single installation, contact us, and we will be glad to assist!

Thermal cameras

Thermal Cameras

Not every camera sees a visual image. Thermal Cameras use infrared thermal imaging to read the temperature of objects, whether outside or inside. Since all objects’ emissivity is slightly different, these cameras can tell the difference between a person and a statue with no visual cues–meaning you can see in the dark! 

Thermal cameras have many applications, including fire detection and alarming, monitoring hot spots in a manufacturing process, the accurate temperature reading of people, and detection in total darkness. We are only a call away from helping you with your thermal camera application!