Using a Badge to Access the Radio Room at WKDZ

Access Control

Managing entry points into your building or facility is more critical these days than ever before.  Utilizing electronic access control will help you protect your assets and create a safe environment for your employees and visitors. 

Flexible programmable control systems are easy to manage and provide a higher level of security: 

  • Manage door lock schedules for your business routines
  • Administer door access rights per individual or group
  • Activity reports keep you informed of who and when persons enter your building
  • Real-time and remote access features from your computer or mobile device
  • No more re-keying locks or handing out keys!

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Using a Badge for Door Access in Cadiz, KY.

Keycard / Keyfob / PIN Systems

Electronic entry readers come in many forms, and various types of credentials can be considered for your application.

  • Proximity card badges and Keyfobs
  • Mobile device access readers 
  • Fingerprint readers
  • Keypad / PIN code readers

Any combination of these access options can deliver a very effective, secure solution for your facility. 

AXIS Network Door Station installed at a facility in Hopkinsville, KY.

Network Video Door Stations

Who is at your door? Who is in your lobby? The AXIS A8105-E door controller is a full-fledged security camera, communication device, and door opener in a single device. Utilized as stand-alone or integrated into an access control system, this solution provides full HD video and two way audio with the person at your door. You can choose to unlock that door from your computer or mobile device. Motion detected from the camera can play a pre-recorded message of your choosing to keep away loiterers or give the visitor instructions as they approach the door. All of these smart features are options to fit your needs.