What are the benefits of value-added automation?

Enhanced Safety. Increased Productivity. Reduced Downtime.


Some problems don’t come with readymade solutions and such instances are our specialty.Automated car wash controls by Solutions Technology Group.

Often there is more than one option available, and in general we believe simple is better. Solutions Technology Group’s 75 years of combined experience has helped customers in the automotive, petrochemical, and food service industries increase productivity, realize cost savings, and improve quality and consistency. We are a group of professionals seeking to become the go-to company for customers in Western Kentucky, Middle Tennessee, and Southern Indiana and Illinois seeking custom technical solutions.


Solutions Technology Group's value-added automation increases safety, productivity and reduces downtime.If you are a customer looking for assistance in the following areas Contact Us today for a Free Quote!


Custom Engineered Solutions 

Some problems don’t come with readymade solutions, and such instances are our specialty. Often there is more than one option available, and in general we believe simple is better. Some solutions require mechanical fabrication and/or machining, of which we are willing and able to provide. Alliances with local machinists allow us to provide turnkey solutions that can increase quality, reliability, efficiency, and safety for our customers. They can expect us to come to their location, give an honest assessment of the problem, and craft a solution that can involve almost any sensing, PLC, or HMI integration.

Specialty Sensing

We offer customers assistance with quality inspection and measurement, vision systems inspections, and their general Poke-Yoke routines.Friction plate assembly by Solutions Technology Group.

Line Side/Barcode Printing

Today’s parts suppliers require label printing to be part of their overall production process, whereby correct labels are printed as needed and verified automatically. Solutions Technology Group, in partnership with Integ Process Group, Inc., has created a cost-effective, easy-to-use system that can reliably integrate into customer’s production lines and prevent the creation of unnecessary labels.

Machine OEE

Our company is pleased to offer a visual machine application that runs on the JNOIR controller and can connect to any process. The application provides a live view of a machine’s status via large display located at the process, or on any networked PC or tablet. The application collects machine data and generates reports based on metrics reflecting up/down time, pieces and scrap produced, and number of active parts.Automated Car Wash Control Panel

Control Panel Design and Fabrication

We design custom engineered control panels for any industry need with CAD documentation of all control wiring and layouts. We also offer production panel fabrication and will rebuild or upgrade customer’s existing control panels.

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