Solutions Technology Group is proud to provide Wi-Fi access at Lake Barkley Marina to the slip renters at the docks. STG is using fixed wireless to shoot the Internet from the restaurant to the docks and has Wi-Fi access points that allow each of the slip renters to have Internet on their phones, computers, tablets, TVs, and more all at their boats.

Besides Wi-Fi, STG is also providing IT services and management for the Marina’s restaurant and gift shop. Taking a proactive-instead of reactive-approach allows STG to monitor all of the hardware and software throughout the network. Finding potential issues before they become problems ensures that the Marina is happy and can keep working when in the middle of their busy seasons.

Lake Barkley Marina is a client that needs to ensure their Point of Sale systems are up and running when they need them, both at the restaurant and gift shop. While we are constantly monitoring hardware for potential future failures, we are also running cloud backups so that if there was a PC that crashed, we could get it back up and running quickly.

We are proud to work with the Marina and are pleased to list them as a Friends with Solutions client/partner. You can check out their website and see more about what they do and offer at