Quality control check station using Keyence vision cameras

Want to increase the value of your facility’s automation processes, data collection, or printing and monitoring systems? Not all problems come with ready-made solutions, and such instances are our specialty. Let us craft a solution that is right for you.  Learn more . . .

Security & Cameras

IP video surveillance cameras and access control can increase safety and security

Looking for a cost-effective way to increase safety and security at your facility? We have the hardware and know-how to help customers do just that. With an IP-based approach, physical access control and video surveillance have never been easier or more affordable.  Learn more . . .

Network / IT Services

Using hardware-based firewalls and site-to-site VPNs, Solutions Technology Group can help keep your corporate or personal info secure

Need assistance with your IP network infrastructure? Our IT Specialists have the knowledge and expertise to help keep your corporate or personal information secure. Every job is done with the highest degree of professionalism and you can be sure we won’t leave your server rooms tangled in miles of cable.   Learn more . . .

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