Surveillance Cameras For Construction Sites

Construction equipment theft is recognized as a genuine problem in the U.S. with a range of $300 million - $1 billion worth of equipment stolen each year, according to a report by the National Equipment Register. Thieves know the types of equipment they want and where to find it, frequently targeting construction sites rather than secured dealer lots. Criminals also know the best time of the year to strike: in the summer, when construction crews are most active. So, it is not a surprise to see those peak months accounting for most theft activity, with August topping all others with 1,305 during that month alone. Additionally, the states with the highest volume of construction and agriculture have the greatest amount of thefts because that is where most equipment can be found.Surveillance Cameras By Solutions Technology Group Increase Security And Prevent Theft

As for the types of construction equipment stolen, the top three in 2013 were loaders, tractors and excavators. Thieves, according to that report, also had expensive taste in the equipment they stole. Brands like John Deere, Kubota, and Bobcat were among the top five. And with a 23 percent recovery rate, victims can’t feel a high degree of confidence they will get their property back once it is stolen. Employing a surveillance system on-site can help hedge against this threat.

Heavy equipment theft isn’t the only risk construction crews face, as theft of raw materials is another real possibility. Lumber, steel and copper pipes and wire are also prime targets for criminals. Incidents like on the job accidents and vandalism have also been known to happen. Installing a surveillance system can aid construction companies in reducing their exposure to liability suits resulting from accidents because they preserve a visual record of what occurred.


  • Theft deterrence — Surveillance systems can prevent construction site theft and keep out petty criminals
  • Guard against legal suits — Video surveillance provides a visual record of events should companies be threatened with legal action stemming from accidents
  • Increase worker safety — Monitor crew behavior to help ensure proper safety procedures are being followed
  • Remote site monitoring — An IP-based surveillance system allows foremen and project managers to remotely monitor progress using a smart phone or tablet


  • Vandalism and tampering — While surveillance cameras provide a visible deterrent, there is still a risk that the equipment will be tampered with, resulting in signal loss. To help prevent this, consider vandal-proof cameras for high-risk areas
  • Weather — Inclement weather can pose a challenge to surveillance equipment that is not designed to handle low temperatures and changing weather conditions. Equipment with a rating of IP66 or higher is able to withstand the variables of an outdoor environment

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