Superior Surveillance

Did you know surveillance systems can be used for more than simply protecting your customers, employees, and property?

Solutions Technology Group’s surveillance cameras have been helpful in reducing customer’s exposure to lawsuits, improving employee competency, and livestreaming progress at construction sites.

Below is an example of one of our systems in action, but be sure to view our Proven Successes for more examples of how we applied technology to improve customer lives.

With satisfied customers in Hopkinsville, Murray, Calvert City and Bowling Green, Kentucky, we are confident our company has the experience and know-how to serve others across Western Kentucky, Middle Tennessee, and Southern Indiana and Illinois.


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Advanced Access Control

Our access control systems enable customers to monitor and restrict physical access to buildings and sensitive areas.

Access Control Reader from Solutions Technology Group - Serving Kentucky and TennesseeWe offer the latest IP-based systems and accompanying software designed to simplify the protection of your facility and keep you in control.

Physical access control, the selective restriction of access to an area, is an important aspect of maintaining the security and safety of a building or premises. In the past, this has been accomplished through traditional lock and key, the use of security guards, or an analog system.

However, physical access control has become more sophisticated over the last decade or so, as building managers have begun to compliment or even replace such methods with an IP-based approach. Such an approach eliminates the need for expensive cabling to connect to a control panel, allowing for greater flexibility, better integration, and increased scalability ideal for factories, banks, hospitals, and school campuses.

Solutions Technology Group offers installation services of IP-based physical access control systems that can help keep unauthorized personnel out of restricted areas, and thus keep customers' premises a safe place to work and do business.

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