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Choosing The Right Tool For The Job

Posted by Jake Thomas

The best security solutions are often a strategic combination of technologies with each playing a critical role. To achieve the best result, select the best tool for the job. Here is a series of some of the most widely used motion detection solutions with their strengths and weaknesses. [Read More...]

Tags: Alarm Detection False Alarms Network Camera Passive Infrared Sensor PIR Sensor Radar Radio Waves Security Software Solutions Technology Thermal Camera Video Motion Detection Visible Light


Small Business, Big Security

Posted by Jake Thomas

If you’re an owner of a business you’ve no doubt considered getting a video surveillance system for your company, and for good reason. AXIS Communications has come up with a professional video surveillance solution that includes hardware and software designed to meet the requirements of small businesses. [Read More...]

Tags: AXIS Axis Communications AXIS Companion Cost-Efficient IP camera Network Camera Remote Access Security Small Business Solution Storage Surveillance Surveillance Camera Technology Video Management Software Video Surveillance System


Why IP Cameras from Solutions Technology Group?

Posted by SolutionsTG Website Admin

Why IP Cameras?An internet protocol camera, or IP camera, is a type of digital video camera used for [Read More...]

Tags: Cabling Flexibility Image Quality Internet Protocol Camera IP camera Network Camera Remote Access Security Security Camera Solutions Technology Group Surveillance Camera

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