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Thermal Cameras A ‘Gift’ To Personal Info Custodians

Posted by Jake Thomas

With many looking forward to the Christmas season complete with the exchange of presents and hot chocolate, those in the education and care industries have something else to look forward to—two new cost-effective thermal cameras from AXIS. [Read More...]

Tags: AXIS Budget Cost-effective Data Hospital P1280-E P1290 Privacy School Security Thermal Camera Thermal Imaging


The Vertical Scalability, Horizontal Cost of MonitorCast 4.0

Posted by Jake Thomas

MonitorCast 4.0, VideoInsight’s latest edition of their enterprise-level access control platform, is designed to help security officials increase readiness and respond to incidents faster. The browser-based application is built with scalability in mind and enables users to combine their video surveillance and access control systems at no additional cost. [Read More...]

Tags: Access Control Advidia Anti-Passback Cost-effective Integration Management MonitorCast Panasonic Scalability Security Solution Solutions Technology Group SQL Backend Technology VideoInsight

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