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Inspection, Measurement, and Quality Control

Posted by Jake Thomas

Quality control is a huge deal in manufacturing. It’s a process ensuring customers receive products free from defects and that meet their needs. When it’s done inconsistently, incorrectly, or not at all it can put consumers at risk and reflects badly on suppliers. Metrology-based automated inspection systems remove operator subjectivity and can lead to more consistent, reliable inspection outcomes. [Read More...]

Tags: 3D Scanners Industrial Automation Industrial Robots Inspection Manufacturing Measurement Metrology Quality Control Technology


Industrial Surveillance Solutions

Posted by Jake Thomas

The benefits of having video surveillance at home is obvious—the ability to keep an eye on one’s family, pets and property. However, it might not be so obvious to see the potential gains from implementing a similar solution in an industrial setting. [Read More...]

Tags: Efficiency Facility Factory HDTV Industrial Surveillance Manufacturing Network Surveillance Production Remote Monitoring Security Technology Video Surveillance Warehouse

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