Going Mobile With Access Control

Posted 3 years 96 days ago ago by Jake Thomas

Just imagine being able to access secured buildings, rooms and areas with technology that you already carry around in your pocket. From contactless payments to remembering where we parked our cars, the number of applications for such devices is ever expanding. Even retailers and warehouses now employ smartphones to check their inventory and the like. Now, Axis Communications and HID Global have teamed up to add another use to the fold with a solution that syndicates both convenience and security.

Axis announced the launch of the first integrated, open, IP-based mobile access control solution earlier this month. The solution—a combination of HID Global’s Mobile Access and Axis’ A1001 Network Door Controller and Entry Manager software—will enable mobile devices to function as credentials.Axis Control Panel and Software

Axis brings to the table their A1001 Network Door Controller and Entry Manager software, while HID Global offers Bluetooth enabled readers, Mobile Access Portal and an App to boot. Here’s how it works: secure identities are stored on smartphones that open doors and locks in place of traditional printed ID cards. Axis Entry Manager software manages all the Axis A1001 Network Door Controllers connected to your network as well as the HID cloud-based portal, which manages users and their mobile IDs. An added benefit is its compatibility with other third-party software that can be used for the integration of more advanced access control features.

This approach can offer a convenient way for users to manage credentials that is both secure and cost-effective. It could also potentially make it a perfect fit for businesses of any size, as the scalability of IP-based systems is enormous. Provided an IP network is available, anyone with a smartphone could go about their duties unencumbered and management could rest assured their facility remains secure.

While Axis is set to showcase this solution at an upcoming conference in the United Kingdom later this month, it is already available through Axis and HID distributors.

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