Thermal Cameras A ‘Gift’ To Personal Info Custodians

Posted 2 years 232 days ago ago by Jake Thomas

New Cost-Effective Axis Models Target Those With Budget LimitationsAxis P1280-E Thermal Network Camera In Hospital

With many looking forward to the Christmas season complete with the exchange of presents and hot chocolate, those in the education and care industries have something else to look forward to—two new cost-effective thermal cameras from AXIS. The kicker is these new models afford the benefits of thermal imaging without sacrificing individual’s identities. This makes the AXIS P1280-E and soon-to-be-released P1290 a gift to end-users with privacy concerns.


The maker of top-of-the-line network cameras released the first thermal camera in its P-line last week and is marketing it as a perfect fit for schools, care facilities, and independent businesses, according to this press release. It appears the goal is to make an affordable thermal camera available to organizations that operate on a limited budget.


Thermal imaging has long been used for reliable round-the-clock detection, but the price has often put the technology out of reach for some customers. Using heat radiation from people and objects, thermal cameras can capture images accurately no matter the time of day. There is another aspect to the technology that makes it an attractive choice for those with privacy concerns.


Hospitals, dentists, optometrists, schools and nonprofit organizations that deal in some way in healthcare services must carefully guard patient information. Privacy laws like HIPPA and COPPA also require schools to take precautions to ensure the security of personal student information. There are additional situations where privacy and security are paramount—think high-level government agencies and contractors, as well as care communities.


“In environments where the privacy of individuals is paramount – for example schools and care homes – thermal imaging detects incidents without revealing personal details of the people in the image,” says Martina Lundh, Global Product Manager at Axis. “Together with analytics these new cameras can trigger alerts or alarms in response to patient or resident falls, allowing staff to take immediate action.”


Thermal technology can, in effect, capture accurate images in pitch black without revealing facial features or sensitive data that might be displayed on a screen. Thus, the P1280-E and P1290 network cameras are viable options for those in industries where privacy is a chief concern.


The P1280-E is available now and the P1290 is set to be released the first quarter of 2018.

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