The Vertical Scalability, Horizontal Cost of MonitorCast 4.0

Posted 2 years 356 days ago ago by Jake Thomas

MonitorCast 4.0, VideoInsight’s latest edition of their enterprise-level access control platform, is designed to help security officials increase readiness and respond to incidents faster. The browser-based application is built with scalability in mind and enables users to combine their video surveillance and access control systems at no additional cost.


You might be wondering who the company is hoping to target with this latest edition. “Really anybody looking for an access control platform,” says Trey of VideoInsight. “A lot of schools—of course that’s our main vertical—so a lot of our existing users are looking for that type of solution. We have deployed it at numerous K-12 [schools], higher education as well.” Trey adds their vertical markets are also populated by those in government. “We have a lot of small government customers as well that are using it.”


Imagine you’re a security guard at a large facility, perhaps a high school, community college or a manufacturing facility. You are charged with protecting both people and assets and want a large scale, cost-effective solution minus the need for expensive hardware and license fees. MonitorCast 4.0 is free of charge with any VideoInsight, Panasonic i-Pro or Advidia camera license and no other client or server license is required to use it. The ability to remotely control access while simultaneously viewing events and locations offers users an added layer of protection. MonitorCast 4.0 comes integrated with VideoInsight’s VI Monitor 7 video management software.



But what about customers who have third-party camera licenses or an older version of the software? No need to fear, according to VideoInsight. “Let’s says they have 100 Advidia cameras or 100 Panasonic cameras or 100 licenses for third party cameras that would give them 100 doors of access control at no cost,” explains Trey. “It works basically 1-to-1. It will allow them to grow their access control platform at the same time they grow their video platform basically at half the cost of other access control platforms.” And there are no reoccurring fees resulting from having to upgrade an older version of the software, he adds. “New versions come out 1 year, 5 years, 10 years down the line, they’re not going to have to pay to upgrade to that version. They’ll be ready to go.”


Designed to support Mercury Security access control boards, MonitorCast 4.0 enables unlimited scalability with an SQL server-based backend and comes with a host of tools standard on most access control platforms like elevator control, rules managing and scheduling. It can also send and receive messages to a single user or a group of users. Using off-the-shelf hardware also leaves the option open for customers to switch to a different platform if they need to.


The company began with the original MonitorCast about 4 ½ years ago that developed into the current incarnation. “It is a homegrown piece of software that we developed in house,” says Trey. He adds they will continue to add features and develop it going forward.

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