Advidia Taking IR Range Even Further

Posted 3 years 61 days ago ago by Jake Thomas

An IP camera capable of seeing in infrared for up to 150 meters is expected to make its debut on the market later this summer. The Advidia A-300 is an advanced PTZ speed dome with 30x zoom and analytics that, according to parent company VideoInsight, will be available in the next couple of months.


The camera’s host of features like Smart Auto tracking and Multi scenes patrol, coupled with the ability to detect faces, intrusions and movements, could help take video surveillance to the next level. The depth of the A-300’s IR capability surpasses the company’s other camera model released earlier this season, the Advidia A-28-Z, which has a maximum range of 120 meters.


Advidia A-28-Z With IR From Solutions Technology Group

Although humans cannot see IR rays emitted from the Sun, some cameras can using an IR Cut Filter that is placed in front of a camera lens during daytime hours. The filter helps block IR rays that would otherwise distort colored images and at night, is removed to allow the camera to capture images in near complete darkness. The A-28-Z uses such technology, as will the A-300, according to both product’s spec sheets.


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