Industrial Surveillance Solutions

Posted 3 years 77 days ago ago by Jake Thomas

The benefits of having video surveillance at home is obvious—the ability to keep an eye on one’s family, pets and property. However, it might not be so obvious to see the potential gains from implementing a similar solution in an industrial setting. Factories, warehouses and manufacturing facilities can be as big a target for thieves as a residence because they contain valuable raw material and processed goods. But there are other benefits to be realized from IP video surveillance, including increased productivity.

Industrial Surveillance Camera

Features such as automatic alerts when someone enters a restricted area, night vision and thermal imaging, HDTV-quality images, real-time access to live streams and the ease of installation make video surveillance just as applicable to the industrial world. In addition to increased security, network cameras can serve as a valuable tool in adding to the overall production capability at a factory through increased efficiency. Because they allow any authorized person to remotely access live images via a network the following can be easily achieved:

• Remotely monitor production lines and processes

• Immediately detect safety incidents

• Provide remote troubleshooting and maintenance support

• Record incidents without contaminating the process area

• Give a baseline for operator training and improvement

A number of industries around the world already rely on network surveillance technology for their industrial solutions. Why not you?

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