About Solutions Technology Group

Solutions Technology Group is a technical solutions provider for industrial and commercial enterprises in the areas of Automation, Access Control and Video Surveillance, Networking and IT, and Infrared Thermography. As a customer centered, solutions-driven organization we are committed to serving in a highly effective, honest, and professional manner.

Located in Cadiz, KY, we are a group of professionals looking to become the go-to company for customers in Western Kentucky, Middle Tennessee, and Southern Illinois and Indiana seeking custom technical solutions. In business for over 10 years, Solutions Technology Group changed its name as of Jan. 1, 2017 to better reflect the products and services we provide to clientele spanning the public, private and nonprofit sectors.

Whether you are looking to upgrade the security at your facility, install wireless networking capability on your premises, or reduce overall repair costs and unscheduled downtime at your factory, we will gladly assist in pursuing solutions that are a perfect fit for your application. If your business is inside the circle, the answer is "Yes, we can help you."  If you're outside our normal service area, the answer is CONTACT US!  We may still be able to help you.


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Meet the Team


The CEO of Solutions Technology Group, Steve is a man full of ideas. He started ProCellutions with the intent of helping industry customers find answers to their problems, however he could. As he built his team up from a couple people in his basement, he realized that he had a group of people that could find all kinds of solutions for all kinds of problems--hence the new name. Steve has a background with automation and has dabbled heavily in electrical work, rebuilding old radios in his free time. Steve also knows that the only way to keep a customer is to be fair and honest with each potential or existing customer. He isn't afraid of telling someone that he doesn't have an answer yet, because he knows that his team can develop a solution.



Drew has been working with Steve for several years, watching the company grow from ProCellutions to Solutions Technology Group. He is involved in logistics and job planning and he ensures that jobs get taken care of, especially on the automation side of the company.



Dan makes up the Human Resources department of STG. He handles the finances and books, but he is also willing to step in to help when the job calls for his attention.



Barron is the spearhead of the automation side of the company. He actively handles jobs with automation, PLC programming, and robots and he never backs down from a challenge. He is willing to get his hands dirty and to learn new skills in order to accomplish a task. Barron oftentimes finds himself spending long hours on projects, working them through to completion. He also has Fanuc robot training and can do work in PolyWorks.



Steve's brother Michael is STG's Installation Specialist. Michael has a background that includes several jobs working with his mind and his hands to craft a perfect solution. He takes advantage of that previous experience and puts it to good use installing wireless radios, IP cameras, running Cat6 cable, making junction boxes with terminal blocks, and any other install that is thrown his way. He gets precise and works to make a job as neat as possible and is willing to put in the work to make sure that a customer likes the way the end product works and looks.



Joseph is newest addition to Steve's team. He graduated from Murray State University with a B.S. in Telecommunication Systems Management with an emphasis in Wireless Systems. He has also been Ubiquiti Broadband Wireless Admin certified. As IT Specialist, he manages the STG internal network, configures client servers, IP cameras, wireless equipment, and helps with any IT problem that the client may have. He also isn't afraid to explain what he is doing in a way that nontechnical people can understand and follow. He also has a background in CISCO Computer Networking, allowing him to understand routing and switching.

Solutions Technology Group is now UBWA certified.

If any one of the Solutions Technology team can help you find a solution to a problem you have, feel free to contact us and we will respond back to you quickly.

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