Predictive Maintenance vs. Reactive Maintenance

Infrared Scanning can help prevent breakdownsInfrared Thermography is an important aspect of a Proactive Maintenance Program, one that looks to control the problems that can lead to machine wear and tear.

Predictive Maintenance aids in identifying areas of concern before they fail, and works to reduce scheduled maintenance downtime and minimize unexpected breakdowns. Unlike Reactive Maintenance that operates on a “run until it breaks” mindset, Predictive Maintenance aims to predict when maintenance should be performed based on the condition of in-service equipment.

Some things to consider regarding your Maintenance Program:

  • Studies indicate less than 20% of asset failures are age related, which means 80% of all asset failures occur at random.
  • Heat is often an early symptom of equipment damage or malfunction, and serves as a key performance parameter in Predictive Maintenance Programs.
  • Predictive Maintenance reduces the cost of asset failures, improves equipment reliability, and minimizes unscheduled downtime due to catastrophic failures.
  • Allows management to better schedule employees for planned maintenance rather than reactive maintenance.

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