Cost Saving Using Infrared Thermography

Lower upkeep costs, reduced downtime, higher savings

Studies by the Federal Energy Management Program estimate companies can save 30 to 40 percent on upkeep costs with a Predictive Maintenance Program. Forty-two percent of all electricity produced is used by industry, with 2/3 of that consumed by electric motors.

Any motor that operates 18 degrees over its rated temperature cuts the motor’s life by half. Although productivity losses vary from industry to industry, they can exceed $3,000 per hour. An investment in thermal imaging services could translate into a return of tenfold or greater, realized through a 35 percent reduction in downtime and a 20 percent increase in production.

For example, the cost of a transformer, switch, and control panel is difficult to estimate but the average cost ranges in the thousands of dollars. Paying for a thermographic analysis now could save you big bucks down the road.

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