Why IP Cameras from Solutions Technology Group?

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Why IP Cameras?

An internet protocol camera, or IP camera, is a type of digital video camera used for surveillance purposes. Unlike analog closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras, IP cameras have the ability to send and receive data via a computer network. For those of us interested in keeping an eye on our business, customers, employees and deterring crime, an IP camera system can be of great help. Additionally, some in the industrial manufacturing sector have found IP cameras useful in monitoring production lines and for training purposes.

There are a number of advantages IP cameras have over their analog predecessors, among them:

Image Quality

Obviously one of the key features of any camera is its ability to clearly display an image. In doing so, surveillance cameras can help identify criminal suspects, monitor customer an employee behavior, and reduce security risks at entrances and exits. In terms of image quality, the lower resolution of analog systems just cannot compare to the superior image quality of high definition video offered through an IP one. Additionally, some IP cameras come with a built-in Infrared capability so seeing in the dark isn’t a problem.


As the name suggests, Internet protocol cameras are capable of sending and receiving images over the Internet or a similar network. This provides advantages like unlimited number of cameras and viewing stations as all the monitors and cameras can simply be plugged in to the network. And since IP cameras connect over the internet, one needs only a few cables to get set up. In some cases, wireless is the way to go and so you can skip the cables altogether.

Remote Access

IP camera systems also come with the option of remote viewing, meaning one can still monitor a location from anywhere with access to Wi-Fi or a network router. So whether one is at home or away on a trip, it doesn’t matter; the ability to keep an eye on your employees or place of business is literally at your fingertips.


Not only do IP cameras help increase security at a location, they can also help protect sensitive personal or corporate data through encryption and authentication. IP cameras transmit data through methods such as WPA and WEP, which means prying eyes are less of a concern as they add a layer of security and privacy previously unavailable in the days of analog CCTV.

Here's one of our cameras in action:

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